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IIT Hyderabad incubated startup’s gaming console makes stroke rehabilitation less stressful

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** IIT-Hyderabad incubated BeAble is doing innovative work in gamifying stroke rehabilitation. **

I don't know about you, but doing something repetitive for more than a minute is utterly boring to me - and I'm not even a millennial or a Gen Z lad, more a fossil that's just about to become oil.

Doing such dull work might not be critical for you or me, but doing fairly boring exercises continuously is important for one set of people - those who have had a stroke.

People who have had a stroke that had paralysed some parts of their bodies need to do regular physiotherapy exercises to regain part of whole of that part's function.

While the exercises in themselves are easy enough, the monotonous nature of the process makes it extremely boring and dull. As a result, a good percentage of people don't do it regularly.

Traditional methods to make people undertake these efforts have not made them any more appealing. A study found that currently, patients with a paralysis of their arms do an average of 30-40 repetitions of movements in a day. This is hardly enough - research suggests that they need 400-600 repetitions of the movements every day for weeks together. (That would be at least 10 minutes of work every day - if you thought 10 minutes was easy, try moving your arms up and down repetitively more than 10 times, and you will know what I am talking about!)

What can be done to make it easier and more appealing to patients to do more of these exercises?

This is where an IIT-ian's mind came up with an innovative idea - why not gamify it?

To overcome the problem of rehab being a dull chore for patients, BeAble, an IIT-Hyderabad-incubated startup launched ArmAble, its flagship product for hospitals and recovery centres.

ArmAble is a gamified arm rehabilitation device aimed at neuro-rehabilitation of stroke victims and motor rehabilitation of victims with upper motor deficit due to conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Fracture, Frozen shoulder etc. The gaming dimension makes it far more likely that patients will use it more regularly. As one of them says, “The Gaming made me forget about my hand disability and I could not believe after few days, I could move my hands.”

While prices and commercials are still evolving for the product (they have both upfront price and subscription versions), the team has already hit the market and is talking to both hospitals and individual users.

According to the founder Habib Ali, the product is still evolving with the team testing it out at various hospitals for feedback. But it is indeed good news that they are already in the market - there's nothing more powerful than making a start.

Get to know more about the company and its progress from https://www.beablehealth.com/

And here's an excellent fact sheet on stroke rehabilitation from the reputed Mayo Clinic, which shows the many factors that determine how well you recover from a stroke - https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/stroke/in-depth/stroke-rehabilitation/art-20045172

As the page shows. physiotherapy and exercises aren't everything, but they are one of the few success determinants that are completely under the patient's control, so one might as well make the best use of it, what do you say?

The IIT Club wishes BeAble all the very best in their valuable endeavour.

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