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IIT Grad’s innovation ‘Smartly’ clears out overflowing garbage bins!

Hyderabad | India

Mahek shah he came up with the idea of a smart bin which can send data to the cloud about the levels of garbage in the bin and using an Internet of Things (IoT) module to notify residents, sanitation workers and municipal authorities. Some data about garbage and MSW and data on these Current status of segregation and processing of these Challenges faced at the residential level with garbage management and garbage disposal How IT and digital can assist in garbage management, and the fundamental concepts that can be used for this Some interesting concepts in this regard in India and worldwide https://swachhindia.ndtv.com/waste-management-india-drowning-garbage-2147/ https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/10/world/asia/india-delhi-garbage.html https://www.ecubelabs.com/overflowing-garbage-bins-5-impacts-on-health-and-environment-and-how-to-prevent/

The Better India | Last Updated : 08-Jul-19

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