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This IIT-Delhi Startup’s Innovation Tackles Air Pollution for Just Rs 10!

I'm sure you are aware that air pollution is a big problem, but you may not be aware just HOW BIG a problem it is.

Here are some facts that could surprise you: About 8.5 million people die in India every year from various causes, and of this, air pollution alone is responsible for about 1.2 million deaths or about 15%. Only cardiovascular deaths has a higher contribution, at about 2.1 million deaths a year. So, air pollution is a big time killer.

While there are a number of products in the market for individuals like you and me to guard against air pollution, an invention by IIT Delhi is impressive - Nanoclean.

Nanoclean was awarded the National Startups Award by former President Pranab Mukherjee in 2017, recognised among the top 25 technical startups from over 118 countries by the Republic of Korea and selected among Top 100 Startups in the World by the Hong Kong government, making it the only Indian startup to achieve this feat. The company's "invisible" nasal filter can prevent dust and air pollutants, especially PM 2.5 from entering your system.

Meet Prateek Sharma, an IIT-Delhi alumnus who with his fellow students Tushar Vyas and Jatin Kewlani and supported by faculty members, Prof Ashwini Agrawal and Prof Manjeet Jassal, established award-winning startup, Nanoclean Global Private Limited.

Their innovative nasal filter, christened ‘Nasofilter’, costs just Rs 10 a piece, and is protecting people in 30 countries against air pollutants.

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The Better India | Last Updated : 13-Jun-19

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